Pieces of scrap metal

About Us

Situated just a few miles south of Bromley, Biggin Hill Metal Co. recycles everything from drink cans to cars and factory scrap. We have a fleet of lorries with a 'roll on roll off' capability and enough skips to leave one at your premises to be filled by you and collected by us.

We can handle scrap cars or parts of cars, batteries, wheels, radiators and more.

Scrap that has been crushed

Who we work with

We fully realise that the only way to protect the future for everyone is to recycle materials now and not keep using natural resources as though they will never run out.

To this end we work with schools, local councils, businesses and communities to help recycle all types of used metal so that it is not thrown away - it can be used again and again to build a car, a food tin, a climbing frame for a park, a walking aid for the elderly, a caravan or new pipes for your plumbing.

Our Environment Agency registration number is: EAWML10015

A grabber in a scrap metal yard

For scrap metal services you can rely on please call

01959 575 630 or 07957 243 454

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